Chairman's Message

Our point of departure is in response to the ever-growing threat spectrum of the 21st Century, in that private and public sector institutions are increasingly at risk because of the growing: frequency, severity, and cost, of threats. Whether these are natural, hybrid, or man-made threats, they all have multiple implications on Canada and the world. Given the that these threats trascend disciplines, we must anticipate, mitigate, and manage increasingly complex contexts, and, the research we provide can help address those very complex issues we collective face.

Walter J. Perchal

Executive Director's Message

Our critical success factor is our transdisciplinary mix. Not only is it key to our success, but it is also our core competency, and this is what truly differentiates us from other think tanks. It is this innovative approach of looking at issues simulatenously that allows us to close the gap between: rate of change in society, and, rate of change adaption. In doing so, we ask the visionary question of: "...and then what?" And to our best ability, we try to answer it. The net-net-net result of our work is that it helps support causes that enhance: prosperous society, national security, economic strength, a health society, and overall national and international social benefit.

George Platsis

What We Do

Given the increasingly complex challenges of the 21st Century, if research does not consider: Social, Technological, Environmental, Economic, Political, and Legal contexts SIMULTANEOUSLY, its true applicability, especially when needed to influence policy, is low, and potentially even non-existent. Millions of dollars then get wasted on research that offer no true solutions to the complex challenges we collectively face as a nation, and, society as a whole simply because they look at “one piece of one issue” and do not consider the big picture and long-term effects.

Continuing to operate in a mode that sees the world the a 20th Century lens, one that does not take into consideration speed, change, technology, and adaptability, is not only irresponsible, but dangerous, and threatens to shatter the very things we enjoy so much on a daily basis. Holding this innovative and progressive thought, unlike most think tanks, we do not have specific areas to look at specific issues. Rather we divide our work into two broad divisions: Domestic Issues and International Issues. In this model, Issues now can be addressed from a trans-disciplinary departure point, allowing us to address issues holistically, making our research more pertinent, more unbiased, and more useful, particularly when it comes to influencing public policy.

How We Do It

Interdisciplinary Team -- Our team is an accomplished group of true interdisciplinary individuals, which not only hold the theoretical background, but also the practical background. This hybrid mix allows us to look at these issues through all the contexts simultaneously. This is why our group of researchers are from all walks of life in terms of: experience, age, professional, military, public policy, and academic backgrounds, all of which have international exposure. Our research is derived from people who are innovative and have gotten “their hands dirty” in the field. Our results are a function of values and experiences, not ideology.

Independent Thought -- Our contributor's works have minimal screening. To become a contributor of the Canadian Defence Foundation, we feel that these individuals have demonstrated their capabilities many times over in their personal and professional lives. They are respected and they have a reputation to maintain. Inasmuch, our contributors are free to write about any issue and in any way. We are afterall non-partisan and what binds us is our love for Canada. All contributors write independently of their organizations and do not represent any view other than their own.