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Canadian Defence Foundation partners with America's The Flag & General Officers' Network Read more


Book Release: DOOMSDAY: Iran - The Clock is Ticking by James G. Zumwalt Read more


Book Release: Practicing Military Anthropology by Robert A. Rubinstein, Kerry Fosher, Clementine Fujimura Read more


Mobile Computing: Recognizing that the Biggest Challenges We Face in 2012 and Beyond is Our Behavior and Use of Mobile Devices Read more


The Canadian Defence Foundation honours and recognizes Rear Admiral (Ret.) James J. Carey of the USA for his on-going support of Canadian efforts. Read more


Meet our newest Advisory Board members, persons who represent the next generation of Canadian expertise and leadership in the field. Read more


Cybersecurity is becoming an increasing issue in our daily lives, but far too often, we are the biggest vulnerability and are not even aware of it. Read more


The Canadian Defence Foundation announces formal working relationships with domestic and international players in academia, the think tank world, and in the private sector. Read more

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In a complex world an interdisciplinary team is required to solve complex problems. Therefore, our solitary mission is to make the public and policy makers aware of the issues Canada faces.

We are the nexus for unbiased research that will be used to help protect the way of life we currently enjoy. Our work sustains, and enhances, our livelihood through our mission of being the leader of true interdisciplinary research, all of which requires a truly interdisciplinary team. Unfortunately, most research performed today is conducted from a mindset that is out-dated. Namely, research looks at issues through a singular lens, not understanding the implications of how decisions affect issues through differing contexts. The “specialists” and “experts” may very well be the best for “that issue” but by not consideration the implications of their work across different contexts, the viability and applicability of their research because questionable and unfortunately, in many cases, inapplicable.

Learn more about our Team and our Contributors.

Most of those involved with the Canadian Defence Foundation have already had a long life in public service and have given back to the public many times over. What this group shares though is a vision of ensuring Canada's future is bright, further building on what this great country has offered us all. We all believe that we have a debt to pay back to Canada and we recognize that the work we do today may take decades to come to fruition.

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Looking at both Domestic and International issues.

While most issues today transcend borders, Canada has specific needs within its borders that need focused attention. For all that though, we cannot discount that Canada is a significant world power and has a role to play within the global community. As the world continues to become more interdepedent, Canada, always a leader for international living, has a vital role to play.

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Training Tomorrow's Leaders for a better Canada

While the Canadian Defence Foundation does not offer any training sessions, many of its members, contributors, and participants are affiliated to world renowned training programs. These programs range from youth development all the way up to executive leadership training. These organizations all focus on areas of public safety and security, national defence, public and international policy, and economy.

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