Our Mindset

We all believe that we have a debt to pay back to Canada and we recognize that the work we do today may take decades to come to fruition. As the old adage says: an overnight success take ten years to develop. But that is what we strive to leave behind: a future where many Canadian generations can enjoy a peaceful and free life.

We currently live in a social climate of polarization driven by ideology. It is a destructive context, which is only compounded by the accelerating changes we face on a daily basis. Inasmuch, so many of the assumptions used in policy today are out-dated and inapplicable. Too often, those advising policy makers are making suggestions that were applicbale years ago. What we do is ask the tough questions, based on experience and values, not ideology. This, coupled by our hybrix mix, allows us to present research that is applicable and provide solutions that will benefit Canadians

Walter J. Perchal, Ph.D - Chairman

Lieutenant-Colonel (Ret.) Perchal is a member of the Canadian Armed Forces and former Special Advisor to the Commander of Land Forces. Addtionally, he is appointed at York University in both undergraduate and graduate faculty in the department of Disaster and Emergency Management. He also serves as the Program Director for the Centre of Excellence in Security, Resilience, and Intelligence Management at the Schulich Executive Education Centre.

George Platsis - Vice-Chairman & Executive Director

Mr. Platsis has an interdisciplinary background in the fields of: Business Administration, Disaster and Emergency Management, Constitutional Law, Cybersecurity, and National Security. He is currently the Resarch Director for the National Defense Foundation (Washington, DC) and the Program Director of the Centre of Excellence in Security, Resilience, and Intelligence Management at the Schulich Executive Education Centre.

RADM (Ret.) James J. Carey - Board of Directors

Rear Admiral (Ret. USN) Carey is the former Chairman of the US Federal Maritime Commission and was a Presidential Advisor to Ronald Reagan. He currently is the Chairman of The Flag and General Officers Network, an organization with over 3,700 active and retired Flag and General Officers of the United States. He is also the Chairman of the Admiral James J. Carey Foundation and the Science in Service to Humanity Foundation. Admiral Carey is an active and influential individual in the Washington, DC public policy arena.

Dr. George Jackowski, Ph.D. - Board of Directors

Dr. Jackowski is Chairman and Chief Science Officer of Pivotal Therapeutics. He is also part of the Departments of Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology and Surgery at the University of Toronto (Toronto, Canada) and holder of over 140 international pharmaceutical patents, making him one of the greatest contributions to medical science the world has seen in the last few decades, particularly in the bio-tech industry.

Rupinder Kambo, BA (Hons.), MA-DEM - Board of Advisors

Mr. Kambo is a serving member of the Canadian Armed Forces and currently works with Joint Task Force Central as a military liaison officer at the Ontario Provincial Police Headquarters. His experience includes crisis management and intervention in both domestic and international environments working with security agencies at the municipal, provincial and federal level. He has an interdisciplinary background in Disaster and Emergency Management, Business Administration and Dispute Resolution. Additionally, he is pursuing a Masters of Law in Dispute Resolution and a Master of Business Administration.

Jasmina Germanski, BHS, MA-DEM - Board of Advisors

Ms. Germanski is currently the FIPPA Leader/Privacy Analyst (Enterprise Risk) for Mackenzie Health. Previously, she was the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act Leader and Privacy Analyst for York Central Hospital and was formerly the Emergency & Regulatory Compliance Coordinator at Region of Peel. Her background is in the fields of Health Administration, and, Disaster and Emergency Management. Ms. Germanski also has hands-on experience working in hospital emergency rooms for many years.